Marble Finish Wooden Trays - Round
Marble Finish Wooden Trays - Round

Marble Finish Wooden Trays - Round


Marrying sophistication and functionality, our wooden trays are finished with a marble print and steel handles. They add instant glam to any setting and make serving snacks and drinks, fun and effortless.

  • Add a touch of elegance to your home!! Perfect Marble finish wooden tray for cutting, spreading, and arranging your cheeses, meats, pastries, fruits, and more. Stunning cheeseboard that will surely impress your friends and family with beauty and functionality.

  • Our Marble finish wooden trays have been designed by natural marble and wood with a unique texture, veining, and color are given by nature. Timeless design, practical and smooth. These chopping boards for the kitchen have luxurious steel-handles for a perfect grip. Keep it steady when you bend, lean, and walk with food, glasses, cups, and more on your marble board.

  • Our Round Marble finish wooden trays are suitable for serving, as decorative trays for a dresser, as decorative trays for living room tables, for coffee stations, and more. For cleaning, remove the handles and wash your tray with water and soap, dry with a cloth, and put back handles in place.

  • Marble ink texture with matte and frosted surface leaves it a classy look, will fit in with various table tops, slight shiny design adding extra elegance to the whole decoration style.

  • Packing: Set of two. One big and one small


  • Item Type: Trays
  • Material: Marble, Wood with steel handles
  • Shape: Round

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